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Chicken – the most versatile meat in the world

chicken meat

There are perhaps more recipes concerning chicken than any other meat; it can be roasted, poached, grilled and stir fried. It’s own subtle flavour is complimented by the presence of others in ways other meat would not be. For example, mint goes very well with lamb and chicken but not with pork or beef. Similarly, peanut satay from oriental countries is suited to either pork or chicken, but perhaps not beef or lamb. Nothing is out of bounds for chicken. […]


The Best BBQ Bars in Glasgow

BBQ Bars in Glasgow

Glasgow prides itself for having some of the most happening clubs that serve delicious food and beautiful cocktails. Some of these Glasgow clubs serve the best seafood, gin, beers and cocktails all week long. Foodies in the lookout for luscious char grilled delicacies must hit all the hotspots featured in Glasgow’s list of exclusive BBQ bars to gorge on mouth watering barbecued platters. From grilled to pan fried to poached, the menu lists in these clubs can never go uncared […]