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The Facts of Dhabiha (Halal killing)

Dhabiha Halal

There are people who argue that dhabiha is inhumane suggesting that there is something much different happening in abattoirs up and down the country. It is an argument that is subjective. There are opponents of the halal method of killing animals because of the perception that it is cruel not to stun the animal initially to reduce suffering. It is an argument, but no one looks too closely at killing or if they do they become vegetarian. The basics Opponents […]


Thanksgiving Tips – the Perfect Turkey Roaster & More

Turkey Roaster

There is perhaps no more demanding meal than Thanksgiving dinner, especially when you are charged with producing the meal for family and friends. The sheer logistics alone are akin to a military operation and the seemingly simple act of getting all of the food prepared and ready to serve at the same time is no small accomplishment. Fortunately a good turkey roaster can be an ally in your fight to bring order to what could be chaotic meal and […]