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Tips For Conquering A Chicken Wing Challenge


Since the days of antiquity, men and women of all ages have gathered together to compete in one of the most timeless traditions of the human experience: The buffalo chicken wing challenge. …Alright, maybe that’s not right — maybe the chicken wing challenge is a uniquely 21st century phenomenon, but it’s fun to imagine ancient Romans and Sumerians getting as hyped up as some of the ruthless wing-stuffing challengers we see today. In any case though, it’s no secret that […]


The Wine Women Want — and Why


Generalizing about women, by a woman, is a notoriously dangerous undertaking. As individuals, women are sensitive to being lumped together as a single demographic, and we should be. History is rife with false and over-generalizations that have made everything from getting the vote to getting woman-centered health care downright difficult, and discussions about wine are no exception. For the most part, women drink according to preferences of taste, and we have more than proven ourselves capable of mastering the art […]