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Every business needs to have some days off for everyone in the company and barbecue catering event is the best option to choose! You can go to the countryside or plan some active vacation for your employees to make them forget about work and enjoy fresh air and beautiful nature; or you can opt for rooftop barbecue to amaze them with the view and amazing experience. Regardless of what you choose, barbecue is a perfect choice for a corporate party. At this point there is no matter if you are a pro in corporate events or just the beginner, the only thing that matters is to have a will to make your event perfect for your employees and fronds. So check the tips for your corporate event to make it perfect!
1. Create a theme
Any professional corporate caterer will advise you that theme of an even in the first thing you need to think about, for example, you can make a cocktail party, some kind of a workshop or the picnic with barbecue catering. After you set up the theme of the event you can plan your event’s menu, music, decor, etc.
Make sure that your theme and topic will work for the amount of people you make your corporate events for. For instance, if you want to make a tea drinking party, it may not work well for 200 people, and a disco party can be not appropriate for 5 of you.
2. Budget
After you have made a decision about the topic and format of your party, the time of setting up the budget for all corporate events come. Catering experts advise considering the sum of money per person and then add some for decorations and common things needed if you throw a party for a big office. In case you have a small company then a more wise decision will be to create a total sum that you can spend and then start your further planning from this point.
3. Appointments
This is the most hectic period of all planning period. At this point you need to make all sorts of appointments, talk to many people, organize everything properly, meet with potential vendors, contact corporate caterer, etc. The must-do list at this point can be pretty long depending on the type of even you want to organize. The main useful advise that all corporate events planners have is to write down everything: all phone numbers and names – do not forget about the profession of a person written below the phone number. Keep your recordings in order to make sure you do not miss anything.
4. Menu and food issues
It is actually crucial to decide whether you will be sitting all together and the food will be served (such barbecue catering events will cost a little more) or it will be a buffet (which is cheaper and more comfortable for parties from 50 people and more). You need to think about the menu and the timing when the food will be served.
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