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Are you a foodie? Do you want to take a bite of as many of the world’s greatest flavors as you can? Thanks to the internet and international shipping, you can stock your fridge with many foreign delicacies. Here are five cultural treats that foodies need to try at least once.



Image via Flickr user Marco Raaphorst

The citizens of Holland love their beer. They especially love accentuating the flavor of a beer with appetizer-sized bites of food. One of their favorites is something that translates as “garnish for bitters.” This dish, bitterballen, is a savory snack filled with protein.

Originally, the idea of bitterballen was to turn leftovers into a second meal. Ingredients such as beef or veal are the base, but the flavor is more than just the protein. The Dutch bread their extra meats with flower and butter, plus some special herbs and spices. When you bite into a bitterballen, you’ll taste an explosion of flavor, but watch out! Some of the ingredients have a tendency to ooze out. They’re scalding hot.


This dessert is the perfect taste for any sweet tooth. Some would say that Bugnes is nothing more than deep-fried dough and sugar. They’re not wrong. Whatever a dieter’s dream is, Bugnes is the opposite. The main ingredient is dough, and the dish has the flavor of a stronger donut. That’s by design.

First, the French throw dough in a deep fryer. When it’s nearly done, pastry chefs form knots and ribbons. Then, they add enough confectionary sugar to make your gym trainer feel rage. The result is a dessert that would seem too fattening for carnival food. You’ll love everything about it, even at 310 calories per bite.


While you’re ignoring your waistline, try Francesinha. It’s a sandwich containing a stack of proteins that you love. A Francesinha includes bacon, two layers of cheese, chorizo, and steak. As if that isn’t enough, the sandwich receives a cheese topping to make it that much more decadent, and it’s still not done. The Francesinha goes under a press to grill the extra cheese on the bread. Then, a layer of tomato sauce covers the whole thing. The Francesinha is less of a food and more of an architectural marvel.


Do you love cheese with crackers? It’s one of the most popular flavor pairs ever. Some cheeses are better than others, though. The Norwegians have invented one of the finest cracker companions. It’s a signature brown cheese known as Gjestost. While you may worry about the unappetizing color, you’ll love Gjestost because of its novel flavor. It combines whey with goat cheese to build a rich, deep flavor profile that works on its own but is even more delicious with crackers.

Jamaican Loaf Buns

Bread doesn’t have to taste dull. Jamaicans have known this for generations now. Their loaf bread is like so many other flavors in the culture. It’s spicy in just the right way. Genuine Jamaican spice buns are delicious due to their sweetness. Ingredients such as cinnamon and nutmeg are popular choices for loaf bread, giving each bit of bread an exotic splash of flavor. Jamaican loaf buns are a true delicacy.

Now you know about five of the greatest international delicacies available. Grab your fork and sample the flavors of the world!


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