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Winter and the cold season is a great time for soups. Aside from helping you warm up, it’s also a good food to bond over the dinner table or by the fireplace while the family shares stories and reminisce memories. They are filling and extremely satisfying.

In case you are on the look out for a new soup recipe, here are 5 ideas you can try this winter.

  1. Borscht Soup

Borscht soup is a popular Eastern European cuisine. It’s more commonly called as beetroot soup. It’s packed with lots of vitamins, like A, B and C. It also has potassium and fiber. It packs a good color, too.

There are two variations of this soup: one vegetarian and one created out of meat stock. Despite the variations, borscht soup’s main ingredient is primarily naturally soured beet juice. If you are vegetarian, you may skip the sausages and just add more carrots, cabbages and potatoes. This is a perfect soup for the Christmas season since it’s warm and doesn’t make you as easily satiated as other meat-based soups.

  1. Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup is a staple food in most homes during winter since it’s easy to prepare and really creamy. You can buy a soup maker, throw in the ingredients and set it to cook while you prepare the rest of the dinner table.

To make the soup more appealing, you can serve it in hollowed out pumpkins and add pumpkin seeds as toppings. You can add more cream to make it richer or add more cumin and cayenne pepper to make it more flavorful.

  1. Chicken and Dill Soup

If your taste buds find traditional chicken soups boring, you can try the lemony chicken and dill soup. This one’s easy to cook but it will surely empty your pot quickly. You can cook it on top of your stove or you can use a cooker, like the Cuisinart Soup Maker. You can serve it with roasted broccoli or a good amount of orzo.

It’s a relatively low-calorie soup, too. It’s a perfect choice for people who want a fulfilling soup that won’t add too much calories on their meal plans.

  1. Beefy Corn and Black Bean Chili

In case you are looking for a hearty soup, you should definitely try the beefy corn and black bean chili soup. It has both nutrition and flavor your family will surely enjoy. To make each serving more appetizing, you can add a slice of crusty bread with it or as garnish. You can also add more chili and tomatoes to make the soup even more flavorful and warming.

  1. Parmesan, Sausage and Kale Soup

Parmesan, sausage and kale soup is another hearty dish to whip up this winter. It’s got the goodness of cheese, the flavor of sausage and the nutrition of kale. You can add more punch to this soup by adding creamy white beans and some potatoes. Just make sure that you cook the kale and potatoes well enough before serving the soup.


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