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The winter months aren’t only the best times to showcase your cooking skills and your best dishes with your family and friends. The season also calls for delicious hot beverages you can create in just a few minutes. With so many things to buy, prepare and wrap, not everyone can spend several hours in the kitchen.

If you are hard-pressed to come up with a drink that your visitors will surely enjoy, here are some of the most popular choices you can try this season.

1. Turmeric ginger tea

Turmeric ginger tea isn’t only a great drink to prepare for the flu season; it’s also a nice drink to keep around if you just want to feel comforted during the cold weather. With the stress that comes with holiday shopping and preparation, you’ll surely need something to relax your body and mind.

This tea is very easy to prepare. Aside from having a good tea kettle, you’ll just need to boil a cup of water and add 1/4 teaspoons of ground turmeric and ginger. After 10 minutes, add in the milk and a few drops of honey for added flavor. You can serve this with a slice of lemon for extra health benefits.

2. Peanut butter hot chocolate

Who can resist a hot cup of chocolate on such a cold season?

Impress your friends and keep their tummies warm by adding together cocoa powder, peanut butter and some chocolate. You can also throw in some crushed hazelnuts and marshmallow for added fun. This is one of the best drinks you can come up with especially if you’ll also be having kids over.

3. Matcha latte

In case you’ll be having vegan friends visit you, you shouldn’t miss this hot beverage on your list. Matcha latte is healthy and contains less calories which makes the drink a perfect choice for those who want to stay healthy during the holidays.

Matcha is loaded with antioxidants to protect the body against free radical damage. It can also boost your memory and enhance your immune system so you’ll be more resistant to flu and other infections you can easily get exposed to during winter.

For this drink, you’ll need matcha powder, honey, coconut milk and gelatin. You have to mix everything in boiling water and continuously stir until you get a homogenous texture. You can drizzle it with caramel syrup before serving to your guests.

4. Chai latte

Skip the expensive coffee shops and drinks and create your own chai latte using the right stove top kettle instead. You can buy chai teas from your local grocery store as well as the other ingredients you’ll need for this drink, like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, sugar and peppercorn. The aroma of cinnamon and cardamom will surely fill your kitchen for hours. Plus, a cup of homemade chai latte will make you feel the holidays better.

5. Salted caramel hot chocolate

Another chocolate beverage you can whip up during the holidays is the salted caramel hot chocolate. With its rich and thick texture, you’ll surely feel more at home this holiday. You can make it as sweet or as salty as you like by adding more sea salt or caramel your taste buds prefer.

6. Mulled wine

If you are feeling fancy and looking for ways to add alcohol to your hot drinks for the season, then mulled wine is for you. It’s simply red wine heated with added sugar and a handful of other spices for additional flavors, like ginger and cinnamon. You can also add orange and lemon slices for that citrus and tangy bite.


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