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If you’re looking for a place to take a lunch break or a have cosy evening dinner – try Twickenham. Yes, it’s the home of the rugby union at the Twickenham Stadium. It’s also home to cuisines from all over the world. Have you tried the newly opened European cuisine? Try Salt Flakes Restaurant.


Twickenham is a suburb area of south west London. It’s famous for its rugby community, stadium and 18th century buildings with pleasure grounds. The suburb is rich in different kinds of cuisines from across the world. Now, there’s a new addition – a newly opened modern world cuisine restaurant with a French touch to it. If you’re craving some European inspired dishes then it’s the place to go.

The taste of Europe

Salt Flakes Restaurant has plenty of choice, but it’s not too extensive. The restaurant focuses on several dishes putting quality and food presentation first. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. During lunch break it’s a good idea to ask about the Lunch Set Menu to learn what specialities the Chief prepared for the guests on a given day.


The restaurant designed three menus. La tradition with classic French cuisine. La Saison, which is rich in seasonal delicacies. La voyage, which takes the guests on a trip through flavour-rich world cuisine. The French inspired menu is complimented by a wide variety of wine choices. Salt Flakes is family friendly. There’s a special Kids Menu to please the youngest guests.

It’s not only about food

The experience wouldn’t be complete without the right décor. Salt Flakes is a mix of whites and blues complimented by the light wooden elements. The owners believe that the success of a restaurant is not only gauged by quality of food and service. It’s also about the interior, which enhances the atmosphere of the place. It represents the soul of the restaurant. Salt Flakes is a good place for a quiet evening for two as well as a family gathering.

Even though Salt Flakes is a newly opened restaurant they set expectations high. They want to deliver the best quality of food by using local supplies. Their staff is friendly and open to suggestions, which adds up to the experience of dining here.



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