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Travels are usually fun and exciting. However, a long drive is a whole different story. Long hours on the road means long miles of dreary monotony unless you prepare some exciting activities and a whole pack of snacks for the whole gang.

The following are the top favorites snacks everyone in the family loves:

Sour Patch Kids

This addictive snack is something kids can’t possibly get tired of. Even on 10-hour road trips, this sugar-dusted sweet/ sour treat always saves the day. Don’t let the kids take too many, though.

Pork Rinds

Talk about a salty crisp of flavor. This fun finger food is something worth chewing while looking out to the fast trail of the delectable trip. Pork rinds will always be a favorite.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

These caffeine pills are what you need to keep everyone alive and kicking throughout the journey. Keep the buzz of the bunch across the cold nights as you munch these tiny enlivening beans. Share exciting stories or do some group activities while staying up all night.


Glazed, dusted, and frosted, TimBits are to die for. This snack is not readily available everywhere. So, consider yourself lucky if you can grab some in your area.

Baby Carrots

Don’t go all out with the junk and bring the healthy ones too. Carrots are not bad. Their sweet crunch will easily get you love them bite by bite.


This is not necessarily going to make you full, but that’s okay. Besides, we eat during a long trip not because of hunger but because of boredom. Combos require effort when eaten yet are super yummy—just perfect when things start to go dull.


Fruits are the best flavors—not to mention their healthy favors. Bananas are good to bring. They come in with their own wrapper, so the convenience is a plus. Neat!

Trail Mix

Pull this snack off with the literal mix of peanuts, raisins, M&M bits, and some other chocolate nips if you have them. Your kids love them. Everyone loves them. Just perfect!

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are another kind of snack that takes so much effort yet give so little pump. However, that’s the whole point why it’s a part of this list. You can kill time and feel less of the boredom as you start somehow enjoying the crack of those little shells.

Beef Jerky

Perhaps this is the best road trip snack there is. We have to thank the Incas for discovering that alpaca can actually be dried and flavored and eaten with one hand. You can’t help but get in the mood with its instant boost of flavor.

Long trips don’t have to be boring. With good snacks to grab, time just flies extra fast. Also, don’t forget to have a safe trip. Having to deal with lawyers for accidents and injuries is the last thing you’d want. Luckily, with finger foods, you can fill your stomach and keep your eyes on the road at the same time.


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