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The party food you set up for the anniversary will be quite a huge part of the celebrations but knowing what to choose is difficult in many cases. Normally, the start relies on thinking about various important aspects like how many guests will attend, the foods that are appreciated by the guests and where the anniversary party will happen. After this you start to consider how much money is available and every little extra concern that may appear. In order to help out, here are some suggestions that you can consider.


Party Buffet

Party buffets are generally very safe since there will be many foods that will be available so the guests get to choose exactly what they like. You basically have no real problems. Even the weird ones can be avoided. According to Robinson & Henry, one of their clients once started a divorce because the food chosen in a menu was bad for a wedding anniversary. With the party buffet you practically talk to a caterer that will take care of absolutely everything.

What is added to the buffet is normally discussed with the caterer but a really good tip is to always avoid having sandwiches. These are not at all a good idea since they tend to become dry after some time. If you want to have the best experience possible, opt for something fresh and long lasting since people can eat during the entire event as the buffet is laid out.

Themed Parties

If you have a theme for the anniversary it is a certainty that you cannot serve everything that you may desire. The theme is normally going to influence what party food you bring to the table. A popular way to choose a theme is to think about a region like Italian, Indian, Chinese or Thai. Such foods can be served as a buffet.

When faced with time celebration event like a wedding anniversary, you can go back in time and serve the same dishes the couple opted for when the wedding happened. This allows the couple to share memories and the party planner will find it really easy to deal with the menu. When there is a theme and the hosts have dishes that they love, they can be weaved into the party but the theme should be respected by most dishes.

Cheap Party Food Options

When the anniversary is drastically restricted from a financial point of view, various options can be considered like a barbeque, a pasta bar, tea party, picnic, salad bar, cocktails, hog roasts and so on. If budget is a concern you can also try to cater the entire party alone. This is easy to do but you have to be sure you are going to allow yourself enough time to plan everything. Relaxed informal parties are recommended when time is limited but you still need to choose exactly what people will enjoy. It is better to have guests that enjoy the food than to focus on saving as much money as possible.



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