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A new year brings with it a lot of desires such as loss of weight, healthy diets or engaging in fitness exercises and eating healthy meals. Even as you think about your health and wellbeing you need the right foods and nutrients. You might want some dish to help you lose weight and there is no better way to start the year than with these great foods.

Black Rice

This rice is slowly becoming a popular and favorite food in many parts of the world. Apart from being gluten free, black rice has a lot of anthocyanins that can aid in lowering heart attack risks. It can be served with vegetable soups or stir-fries.


Kohlrabi is a green spout from the Brassica family. It is a food you might want to use as a kale alternative in 2014. You can eat it cooked or raw. Kohlrabi comes with huge amounts of glucosinolates that enhance the antioxidant functions of the body.


Kefir is a fermented and creamy dairy product that reminds you of yoghurt in terms of its consistency. It has a lot of probiotics, vitamin D, calcium and protein. Probiotics are the good bacteria that enhance good health once they have filled the intestines. Consumption of probiotics comes with a lot of benefits such as reduction of allergy incidents, boosting immune system, wellbeing and enhancing the digestive system. Due to its tart flavor, blend it with some cereal, smoothies or fruit.

Durian Fruit

This Southeast Asia fruit with spikes has a creamy and delicious taste once you have got used to its scent. Durian Fruit is highly endowed with fiber with huge concentrations of Vitamin B-complex and vitamin C. To ensure your cells are functioning in a healthy manner, the fruit has a lot of minerals that boost this.

Walnut oil

Apart from having less saturated fat, walnut oil is packed with a lot of omega 6 and 3 fats than coconut, canola and olive oil. These fats, more so omega 3, are heavily endowed with great benefits capable improving your cholesterol, lowering stroke and heart attack risks while ensuring your blood does not clot. Since it is quite expensive, Walnut oil can be used sparingly, such as in baking, dressings, sautéing and in sauces. If you intend to cook at a higher temperature, Walnut oil might not be the best to use.

Blood oranges

This is a citrus fruit with a flavor that reminds one of raspberry and mostly seems like a normal orange if looked from the outside, although it comes with a purple-red bright flesh. They provide a lot of fiber and vitamin C, boosting the immune system and lowering your chances of getting cancer.


These are basically ancient tree leaves believed to give strength and stamina to warriors before they went to a battle. It is a native of Asia and Africa and highly endowed with potassium, calcium and vitamin C. It has been used to deal with cases of mother and infant malnutrition for hundreds of years.

Wheat berries

This whole grain meal is produced by the wheat kernel’s edible part and has enough nutrients to help lower your risks of contracting stroke, digestive cancers and diabetes type 2.  They are a huge source of fiber, potassium, vitamin Bs, iron and protein.

Crystal is a food critic who loves to try out new dishes and blog about them. Recently she was reviewing food from  some of the best  restaurants in Vancouver and blogged about it.


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