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No matter what season it is, an ice cream sundae is always a satisfying dessert to have after a long day. When you create your own sundae at home, you’re free to personalize it with your favorite ice cream, toppings and sauces. For your next sundae treat, why not try something a little different from your usual choices and open up your taste buds to new possibilities.


The average ice cream sundae involves a scoop of plain vanilla ice cream covered with chopped nuts, sprinkles or whipped cream and drizzled with a caramel or chocolate sauce. While there is nothing wrong with a classic, sometimes you should stray from the tried and true recipe for a dessert that’s more unexpected.


Instead Of A Vanilla Scoop


You will need to start off by changing the foundation of your sundae—if you are looking for a new ice cream to serve in place of your regular vanilla scoop, try MyMoMochi ice cream. This dessert is a fun twist on ice cream because each bite-size scoop is covered in a layer of pillowy mochi. If you haven’t had the pleasure of tasting mochi before, you should know that it’s a sweetened rice dough with a soft and chewy texture. MyMoMochi ice cream comes in a variety of delicious flavors for you to try like strawberry, mango and green tea—there is no reason that you have to stick to just one mochi ice cream for your sundae.


Instead Of Chopped Nuts


In place of chopped peanuts, opt for sesame seeds instead—sesame seeds have a more delicate taste that won’t overpower the sundae. If you make a homemade black sesame brittle, you can add some well-needed crunch to your soft dessert. When the brittle is done baking, let it sit and then break it into smaller pieces to coat the ice cream.


Instead Of Sprinkles


Skip the store-bought sprinkles in favor of some extraordinary homemade ice cream toppings like cherry fizzy candy, oatmeal lace cookies or coffee honeycomb toffee. For a particularly trendy ice cream topping you can dress your sundae with halva, which is a confection made of honey and tahini.


Instead of Caramel Or Chocolate Sauce


Wildflower honey or agave syrup will pair well with nice fruity flavors—sauces like hot fudge orcaramel are much heavier, and will take away from the taste of the ice cream. Instead of pouring the syrup all over the sundae, drizzle it lightly so that the sweetness of the dessert doesn’t turn cloying.


Don’t be stuck eating the same old sundae for dessert—switch up the ingredients and try something new. Start off with some mochi ice cream, sprinkle on trendy homemade toppings and finish the dessert with a drizzle of honey or agave syrup. For the sake of tradition, you should crown your sundae with a single cherry before digging in with a spoon.


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