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What is better than having a great cup of coffee in the morning? Try an even better caffe latte. These are fantastic ways to start your morning and add a level of elegance and style to your day.

The Tools Needed

So – how do you make a great latte? The first step is you need an espresso maker. Many folks will try to cheap out here – but if you buy the best espresso machine under $1,000 then you are guaranteed to have the best, most consistent caffe lattes. The reason why is these machines are excellent at grinding your coffee beans with great consistency. The reason why this matters is because espresso requires very fine grinds. When you have a cheap machine, the consistency on the grind is off which means that the water getting forced through the machine does not take properly which makes the espresso weak and watery.

However, once you use a great espresso machine, you can begin to pull espresso shots with amazing consistency. The good news here is you have mastered the hardest part of the caffe latte. After this, it is recommended to use the best manual milk frother you can buy. The reason for a manual one is the wands that come with machines break or can be problematic to clean. When the cleaning doesn’t work, the wand frothers build up a scum on them that ends up contaminating your milk. No one wants that. Using the manual milk frother makes it much easier to get the right amount of milk for your latte each time along with keeping the device clean. These milk frothers are excellent because they are clean and make it easy for you to find the right amount of froth for your milk.

Now you have the espresso machine and the milk frother – so what’s next? The next thing you will need is a specific mug for caffe lattes. Because you are using steamed milk along with espresso requires a wider mug. This is also how you can create the milk art into the latte itself. Now, granted, this is a high level of artistry that you will probably not succeed at the first few times, but there is nothing wrong with making a valiant attempt.

The Process of the Caffe Latte

Now that you know all the tools, what’s next? Well, let’s talk a little bit about the process. When you make espresso as we discussed above, what you need to do is make sure your grounds are consistent and also that you are forcing the water through at the right temperature – this temperature is 190-200 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is the right one to extract the right flavor. The other thing is making sure the grounds are compacted so that the water gets the most out of the flavor. If you are new to espresso brewing, then make sure you understand the difference between single wall and double wall filtering. As you get better you can change around your filter settings along with the different brewing techniques.

Of course, maybe if you are someone who enjoys lattes the morning might not be the best time. If that is the case, then consider making lattes as an after work reward or as something to end a spectacular dinner with. For many people who host dinner parties, the dessert course is something they agonize over. However – you have the equipment to make great lattes, so you are ready for this challenge.


Finish with a Caffe Latte

Why is the dessert course so important? Think about it – the most important impression after the first one is the last impression. If you spend time making a great dinner with fantastic conversation, and the dessert course is a lousy coffee cake served on paper plates, people are going to remember that you can’t finish anything well.

Here’s the suggestion – of course get a more elegant dessert served on real plates – and when you serve that dessert, offer a caffe latte as well. Now, don’t worry so much about the milk art, but make sure that you have done a great job learning how to make espresso first. The simple presentation will do a great job at punctuating a perfect evening – in fact, many people will appreciate how you have so perfectly finished the evening.

What you will notice with caffe lattes is that they add a great amount of elegance to your life, and what’s great about them, besides the great taste, is that unlike a regular cup of coffee, the caffe latte is an art form. Think about it – regular cup of coffee is just something you add cream and sweetener to. The espresso, frothed milk, and the service in a caffe latte mug adds some incredible optics along with complex taste. The caffe latte is a fantastic way to sharpen your skills by enjoying a variation of coffee.


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