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Are you excited to have finally made that leap of buying your own house and move in? The moving day is the exciting part. Prior to it, you must have been busy making all the necessary preparation. You have already packed and boxed everything. But you might leave out one last important detail– the food.

While exciting, moving to a new house can be exhausting, too. Having ready-to-eat foods might alleviate some of the stress that comes with it. Food is important as it is responsible for keeping you and the other people helping you get fueled up for that laborious and tiring task ahead.

It is essential to stay fortified by eating the well-deserved meal. Sure, your moving buddies will be happy with a good old takeout pizza, but you can add more joy to your day by indulging them in some fancy foods you personally prepared.

Just like planning for your storages in the new houses, planning for meals is a necessity too. For your storage needs Alhambra Storage Units is a go to. In planning a menu for the entire day these are some of the recommendations we’ve compiled for you.


You need a ready to grab sandwiches prepared the night before the moving day. Make necessary preparation while the kitchen utensils aren’t packed away yet. Often, this part of the meal is being neglected but it is crucial that you start your day right with a sated stomach.



Having some munchies along with you throughout the moving process is a great way to keep the hype up. Take a stash of your favorite chocolate granola bars in your purse for easy grabbing. Also, bring along some of your stocked bag of cookies for other people working with you.



In preparing for lunch, it is important to note that you need to choose foods that are not heavy on the stomach because it will make you and your people already tired at the middle of the day.


At the end of a long day of packing, lifting and unboxing of boxes, a heavy meal is now appropriate. Make it loaded with calories and some carbohydrates. Think of easy to digest varieties, though, because sleep is likely to follow after such a tiring day.

One additional thing you should not forget during moving day is water. As important as the food is, staying hydrated throughout the duration of the work is a must. To allow for an easier refill it is ideal to place a jug of cold water around the house.

Adding to the task of moving and unboxing things, food preparations could be a bit of a struggle for you on the moving day. Contemplate on ordering cooked foods in your new area. Check out some menus and delivering services online in advance or call ahead of time for reservations of your take out. This way, it will be less of a hassle for you.

Final Thoughts

If you are expecting for some good souls in your new neighborhood to come and help you in settling in, you must think in advance for some easy-to-prepare food for them. You must stack up ready-to-cook food that will suffice in a cooler for several hours. This will make any moving day end more smoothly.



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