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Maine lobster is the cream of the crop when it comes to the seafood market, and can arguably be called the best lobster in the world. These lobsters are different from their relatives — they live in colder climates and are much larger as a result. Their bigger size and enormous claws make them packed full of delicious meat — and New Englanders know that when that meat is cooked, the taste is unbeatable.


Lobsters from Maine aren’t just valuable to those who love to eat them — they are also a huge part of the economy of Maine, bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. Lobsters provide work for close to six thousand fishermen, who are keeping up the traditional and beloved job of bringing wonderful seafood to their community. While the majority of Maine lobsters are caught between June and December, the months in which they are the most active, the trapping is done year-round — this means that there is a batch of Maine lobsters ready to be shipped out each and every day.


The best way to support the time-honored trade is to eat as much fresh lobster as you can — you can put it soups, in sandwiches, in pastas, and more. Embrace a true New England staple like lobster rolls, where lobster meat covered in butter, lemon juice, salt and pepper, then served on a white bun. To make all of the delicious lobster-based meals that New England cuisine has to offer, you can order Maine lobster direct to your front door and have it delivered the very next day. You can have lobster that was just caught sent to your home with just a click of a button, when you go on the website Lobster Anywhere and browse your options — you can order lobsters, lobster tails or even ready-made meals like lobster bisque.


If you would rather keep it simple than follow a recipe, you can stick with a Maine classic like steamed whole lobster. The dining process is a little messy and might require you to wear a bib, or at least wear a shirt that you don’t mind staining. You will need to twist off the claws and crack the shell — you can use a lobster cracker or use a wooden mallet to break off the shell. Pull out all of the tender meat patiently and cover it in whatever topping you like best — some people like dipping the meat in cocktail sauce or clarified butter, while others want a quick spritz of fresh lemon. Eating a lobster is not tidy, but you will find that the amazing taste is worth all of the effort and cleaning up.


Maine has a lot to offer as a state, and one of those amazing offerings is a bounty of incredible lobster. Support your hard-working local fisherman by adding more lobster into your cuisine — whether you’re cooking it or simply eating it, you will be delighted to taste the best of Maine.


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