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A hog roast dinner with potatoes and other vegetables is the perfect meal for almost any occasion–unless you are serving the dinner to a vegetarian. Whilst we were recently having a catered hog roast in Grantham supplied by The Roasting Pig we realsied the potential for a vegetarian alternative. When hog roast is what you and your guests crave, your options are either to create a meat substitute or to purchase a mock-meat product. There are several viable meat substitute options that will work well as a vegetarian hog roast.

Proteins to Use

Your main protein ingredient can be texturized vegetable protein, eggs, nuts, tofu or tempeh. Tempeh isn’t as well-known as tofu, but it is another meat substitute made from soybeans. Seitan is a viable option known as “wheat meat.”

Seasonings to Use

When simulating a meat based meal, seasonings are important in creating the desired flavor. Some seasonings that work well with pork are onion, garlic, black pepper, paprika and brown sugar. By using the same seasonings from your favorite pork roast recipe, you’ll help to recreate the familiar aroma of a delicious roast.

Getting Started with Seitan

If you are new to vegetarian cooking or intimidated at the thought of creating a roast out of beans, seitan is a great beginner option. Simply bake it according to the package directions and add the desired seasonings. Remember though, that seitan is wheat-based and not gluten free.

Store-bought Cutlets

Gardein “chicken” cutlets are a popular product that would make a quick and easy pork substitute. The cutlets look and taste just like white meat, and pork and chicken are sometimes indiscernible when heavily seasoned.

Sauces and Gravies

When experimenting with mock roast recipes or pre-made substitutes, consider using a store-bought vegetarian sauce or gravy, which is a great shortcut in putting together a vegetarian meal. Creamy white sauces are easy to make yourself and are a great starting point for delectable mock-pork gravy. Vegetarian broths can be thickened with flour to make yet simple homemade gravy. Adding a little liquid smoke to your mock roast will make it taste like it was slow-cooked outdoors.

When it comes to serving a vegetarian meal, presentation is everything. If your “hog roast” looks and smells like a roast, it will also taste like one. You are sure to impress your guests with your creativity in satisfying their dietary preferences while also pleasing their palates. Whether you are a meat-eater or a vegetarian, everyone likes to live “high on the hog.”


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