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The average meeting takes very little time to organize — it requires you to send out a few emails and to put out a canister of hot coffee in the meeting room. An important business lunch requires more thought and effort to arrange, so if you are having any difficulty planning this event here are some suggestions to help you organize it properly.

  1. Choose The Right Caterer

If you are really trying to impress colleagues, clients or business superiors, choose a high-quality caterer when you order food for your next meeting — a bag of fast-food from a nearby take-out place will create a poor impression and make the attendees feel unappreciated. Choose a reliable catering company that has a strong reputation in the food industry and an impeccable record of customer satisfaction. The catering company The Food Dudes would be a wise choice because they were voted Best Caterer of the Year at the Canadian Event Industry Awards in 2017 and the Favourite Event Caterer by the Canadian Special Events Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards in the same year. They are prepared to offer delicious and high-quality dishes for all types of events, from your important in-office business lunch to a large-scale corporate event.



  1. Schedule Wisely

It is always important to think about a convenient time choice when you organize a lunch meeting — you have to ask yourself what date will work for every person attending the business meeting. It’s possible to figure out the best time to meet by sending emails to each attendee with a short list of suggestions to find an opening that is completely available. The timing of the meeting also matters because it a business lunch — don’t schedule it too early in the day so that it follows breakfast or too late in the afternoon so that attendees are too hungry to focus. Leave plenty of time to eat the lunch and discuss business matters — creating a narrow window of time means that the meeting will feel rushed and the attendees may not feel pleased about their experience.


  1. Etiquette Matters

Etiquette is an important factor if you want to avoid business lunch blunders — some of these blunders deal with lateness, messiness and general rudeness. To make sure that everyone arrives at the lunch meeting on time, send out a reminder to each attendee an hour or two before the meeting in order to keep the time fresh in their minds. To avoid embarrassing messes, have plenty of napkins available so that attendees can wipe their faces, hands or any spilled food. If you are present during the meeting, create a polite atmosphere by acknowledging everyone in the room, using positive language, treating caterers kindly and cleaning up the meeting room before leaving.


When you are organizing a business lunch you should choose an experienced caterer, consider schedule conflicts and ensure that the atmosphere is polite and welcoming. If you have followed all of these helpful event planning tips, the meeting attendees will feel appreciated and satisfied whether they are your superiors, your colleagues or your clients.


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