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There is perhaps no more demanding meal than Thanksgiving dinner, especially when you are charged with producing the meal for family and friends. The sheer logistics alone are akin to a military operation and the seemingly simple act of getting all of the food prepared and ready to serve at the same time is no small accomplishment. Fortunately a good turkey roaster can be an ally in your fight to bring order to what could be chaotic meal and has an excellent selection of roasting pans, serving vessels and holiday tableware that is designed to make Thanksgiving easy and ensure your food is  the star of the show.

Thanksgiving TipsRoasting the turkey is actually one of the easier parts of making Thanksgiving dinner because by and large the bird cooks itself; at best you need only check in on it occasionally to rotate the pan or baste the bird. The side dishes are another matter because each dish requires a unique set of ingredients and preparation time can be such that you simply can’t get it done in one day. This is when advance planning is key.

Plan & Prepare

Desserts are the sort of thing which can be made days or even weeks in advance – a homemade pumpkin pie can be frozen well ahead of time and then simply thawed and reheated for serving. Many bar cookies can also be made and frozen; another option is to simply buy desserts and focus instead on the main meal. Side dishes often require hours of washing, slicing, dicing and mincing of vegetables but you can save time and enjoy equally nutritious and delicious results by using frozen vegetables instead. Experts have found that in many cases frozen vegetables actually provide more vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients than fresh vegetables plus they are cleaned, cut and ready to use.

Many kitchens simply do not have enough oven space or stove top burners to produce full blown Thanksgiving dinner; this is where a good cook gets creative. Break out the slow cooker because it is ideal for gravy or mashed potatoes; if you won an electric frying pan you will find it is useful for serving green beans or scalloped potatoes. A Breville® toaster oven can do almost everything a conventional oven can – it is especially useful when you need extra oven space to thaw and warm frozen pies or side dishes. Chafing dishes can be a hassle but they are helpful when you need to keep food warm; insulated food bags are a good way to keep rolls warm when you need to free up oven space.


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