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If it is just about lunchtime and you’re craving huevos rancheros or cinnamon French toast, chances are that what you’re really in the mood for the meal Angelenos call brunch.

Whether you’re thinking Fig& Olive Melrose Place in East Hollywood or the Church Key in West Hollywood, the mimosa and sangria swilling set has made the meal an institution in L.A.

In fact, some restaurants are now offering daily brunch options. Because why should diners and pancake dwellings have all the fun Monday-Friday?

So, where did this tasty trend start anyway?

Origins of brunch:According to, the beginnings of brunch aren’t exactly clear and could be attributed to several cultures.

For example, Smithsonian says, “Some food historians think that the meal has its roots in England’s hunt breakfasts…”while others think that Sunday brunch derives from the practice of Catholics fasting before mass and then sitting down for a large midday meal.”

Whatever it’s beginnings, the combined first and second meal of the day is now an ingrained part of Los Angeles culture, and dining out is certainly not the only option.

Paying top dollar to have bottomless drinks and curated bacon served by to you by hipsters in an industrial chic atmosphere has its place. However,hosting your own brunch party can be a way to make the experience more economical and enjoyable.

Sound like too much stress? Not into flipping omelets? Here are a few tips for throwing a celebrated and fuss free event that your brunch bunch will remember for Sunday afternoons to come.


Planning your own at-home brunch:

1.) Keep it simple. Overtly ambitious menu planning can lead to too much stress during what should otherwise be a relaxing meal. Remember, watching you wig out is awkward for your guests and a party killer. Stick to a two or three simple dishes that you can make well.

2.) Make your food ahead of time. Menu items like strata or French toast casserole can be made the night before, while eggs and taco meat can do their own bit of relaxing in a slow cooker. Chop fresh ingredients before guests arrive.

3.) Select a starring beverage. A simple sangria with fruit accompaniment or a make your own mimosa bar will keep the pressure off you to refill drinks, and your guests will remember the cocktail as the highlight of the meal.

4.) Use station settings. A few well placed tables with easy access to food courses or beverages will ensure good glow. That way, guests remain relaxed while you get to enjoy hands off party hosting approach.

5.) Add ambiance with place settings. Don’t have space to gather everyone at the table? No problem. Add a few flares to your dinnerware station such as eclectic cloth napkins or champagne charms or mix-matched coffee mugs to deliver that small café charm.

So, what are you waiting for? Throw a brunch party this weekend and let your friends and relatives keep guessing about your secret planning!



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