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There are people who argue that dhabiha is inhumane suggesting that there is something much different happening in abattoirs up and down the country. It is an argument that is subjective. There are opponents of the halal method of killing animals because of the perception that it is cruel not to stun the animal initially to reduce suffering. It is an argument, but no one looks too closely at killing or if they do they become vegetarian.

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The basics

Opponents of the halal method, known as dhabiha, claim that the stunning process prevents the animal from feeling pain; it is a very subjective argument and if in doubt you should do more research into the subject. There is no better place than the Internet for research of any kind and this is no exception. In the meantime here are some brief details about dhabiha.

One of the basic tenets of dhabiha is that the animal or bird must lead a humane life. That immediately raises the question of the non halal battery fed chicken industry where the body grows so quickly that the legs cannot support the bird’s weight. There is no question of feeding with anything other than proper food and certainly not with other animal parts or things that are not natural. The animal or bird has room and fresh air; indeed no ill treatment whatsoever which is in contrast with other methods of animal rearing for food.

Prior to the killing every effort is made to calm the victim by providing water and even stroking to soothe the animal or bird. It is never a matter of standing in line and seeing what happens to those further up the queue because that would obviously destroy the calm atmosphere.

Ritual slaughter

The killing is done with a very sharp knife which is capable of doing a quick and clean job. At the point of killing it is essential for the recital of the name of Allah in whose name the killing is being done. Some may think that it is wrong for Allah to be associated but there is obviously purpose behind the killing; the feeding of people and hence good comes of the event. It is important that as much of the body is consumed as possible so there is little waste. The bones can make broth, wool or hide used for clothing for example and offal can also be consumed.

Draining of Blood

The main vein is cut and the animal or bird loses consciousness. The spinal column remains intact but the cutting means that the heart will continue to pump the blood which is emptied from the body because no blood from the animal or bird can be consumed.

At halaltodoor you can buy meat that has been produced in the prescribed way. Everything is authenticated and if your needs are based upon religion then you can be certain that you are buying food in line with the Muslim religion. You can ask any questions and not be obligated in any way until you have thought things through.

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