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Temperature can really make a difference to our enjoyment of certain wines. Getting the right balance between too cold and too warm is important to the body and aroma of wine, especially if you’ve been saving a vintage bottle for a special occasion. Read our top tips on when and when not to chill.

White wines

Classic white wines such as Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay can be chilled and served 10 or 15 minutes after leaving the fridge to give them their full taste while high quality whites like Burgundy and a vintage Chardonnay can afford to spend a full half hour out to warm to fully appreciate their texture.

There are certain white grape varieties however, that demand a stay in the wine cooler for the sake of your taste buds. White wines that are left to warm for too long can taste flabby and strongly alcoholic. A case in point – an oaky, nutty Sauvignon Blanc can have all the tang and fragrance of cat urine when left to warm and so chilling until ice cold is sometimes the only way to let plumy and heavier wines pass our lips.

Red wines

This is a controversial one – many argue that red wines are best served at room temperature and anything less is unforgivable. Yes, most red wines can lose their flavour and bouquet after a session in the cooler but they can still taste great slightly chilled. Fruity, crisp reds like Pinot Noir and are suitable for chilling since they translate well as a light summer drink. Delicate reds with few tannins like Beaujolais’ as opposed to full-bodies reds can actually taste better when chilled, so there’s really no harm in popping a bottle in the fridge for 20 minutes.



As expected, sparkling wines such as Prosecco and Champagne need to be chilled for longer than other wine types but this isn’t to stay they should go straight from the ice bucket and into our glasses. As with anything, chilling or warming a wine too much can rob it of its finest qualities and aroma, so in order to get the correct temperature and that unmistakable ‘kick’ from a sparkling wine – remove the chilled bottle from the ice bucket or cooler at least 10 minutes before serving. This gives it an opportunity to develop some character so have patience on your next celebration and reap the benefits.


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