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Aside from being the hub of thrilling water adventures and marvelous tourist attractions, Sydney is also home to world-class fine dining experience. Whether you are a domestic or overseas traveler, it is highly recommended that you try out some of the city’s restaurants.

Sydney has numerous Japanese restaurants which everyone gets to enjoy, especially those Japanese food lovers out there. Your trip to Sydney would not be complete without eating authentic Japanese food. So, make sure to drop by to the following restaurants and get your Japanese cuisine fix:

Izakaya Fujiyama

Situated in Surry Hills, Izakaya Fujiyama is a cozy eatery that serves classic Japanese dishes paired with whiskey, sake, and beer. If you are looking for a restaurant that offers perfectly cooked and well-executed sashimi, nigiri, and sushi, then Izakaya Fujiyama is the place to be. More so, the highlight of this restaurant is their tapas meals, including its flavorful izakaya.


An elegant casino-based dining, Sokyo is a must-visit Japanese restaurant in Sydney. Its menu includes sushi, soups, sashimi, nigiri, tempura, mains, and robata. Both Chef Chase Kojima and Takashi Sano ensure that every goer enjoys their one-of-a-kind dining experience by serving the most delectable dishes. However, the only challenge here is getting a seat. Thus, you have to reserve seats first before going here.

Niji Sushi Bar

One of the Asian restaurants in Kingsford, Niji Sushi Bar features modern Japanese menu combined with traditional izakaya meals. Among the eateries in the heart of Kingsford, it stands out because of its fully glazed look. Moreover, you wouldn’t worry about having a place to eat here for it has plenty of room to accommodate you and your family.


More than 30 years in the business, Yoshii is known as one of the best fine-dining restaurants in Sydney. Nestled in the Rocks, this quaint Japanese eatery is founded by Yoshii Ryuichi, who is originally from Nagasaki. As you dine in Yoshii, you can indulge in the best sushi in town. It is a great idea to book a seat at the sushi bar ahead to make sure that you can enjoy your appetizing sushi and sashimi course.


One of Sydney’s best, Tetsuya’s is a luxury Japanese dining fort. Though it might not be for everyone, this fine dining is undeniably a must try. This restaurant is ideal for celebratory occasions and the food is absolutely world-class. You can never go wrong in dining in Tetsuya’s as its service is also unparalleled.

Japanese cuisine also dominates Sydney’s dining culture. Everyone, especially the Japanese food lovers, will surely be glad to know that they can indulge in their favorite Japanese meal while staying in this diverse city. Hence, make sure to dine in any of the restaurants mentioned above and have a memorable dining experience with your loved ones. It is a brilliant idea to include these eateries in your dining itinerary for they serve the finest and satisfying Japanese dishes you can ever taste.


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