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Looking for the finest catering service in the city? Then, take a look at this list.



Throwing events and parties is quite a handful task. There are many points you need to look into such as the venue, guests, and program. You also need to keep in mind that parties and events would not be complete without a good catering service. Your guests surely deserve delicious-tasting food and the most accommodating stewards. All of these you can get with any of the finest catering service provider in New York.


Quality catering service is not hard to find in the busy streets of New York. In fact, you can get great services in every borough. More caterings have expanded their services to the entire New York area. One example is the Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering. They offer full catering services for all occasions in any day of the week. Moreover, the catering team is available all day on weekdays to answer different needs and queries.


Rendering these services are good options, but some people couldn’t help but think about whether their favorite restaurants could offer catering services as well. Fortunately, New York is packed with renowned restaurants that also provide catering services. To name a few, here is a list of New York’s top restaurants:


Amy Ruth’s Harlem

This restaurant is known for its distinct breakfast menu. Carl Redding, the restaurant owner, aims to serve the dishes of his grandmother, Amy Ruth. Aside from waffles and pancakes, you can also get a plate of juicy chickens.

Champignon Madison

It has the most mouth-watering finger foods on its menu. Customers can make reservations online. Also, they have the option to either choose from the menu or make up their own one with their choice of related items.

Jack’s Sliders and Sushi

This restaurant has all the sliders and types of sushi you want. Aside from directly serving food and catering events, they can deliver meals to any area in New York. On top of that, it has its own app which makes food delivery and catering reservations easier.

Jacob Soul Food Restaurant and Salad Bar

Serving mainly fresh fruits and vegetable dishes, this joint is the perfect option if you want to serve soul food or comfort food. Its selections are definitely the top choices for vegetarians and health-conscious guests. In addition, their services can reach out to NYC’s five boroughs.


The name of this restaurant is the Lebanese word for garlic. If you opt to serve a majority of Lebanese guests or a number of people who enjoy Lebanese-style food, this is the best catering service you ought to get. Vegan options are available, and its signature garlic sauce is what most customers look forward to.


These restaurants with their own catering services not only provide the best-tasting food and warmest service but also ensure that every event and party are exciting and memorable. Other than that, everyone gets to enjoy their food as well as the company of others without having to worry about handling food all throughout the event.





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