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To complete a full dinner, it’s always best to add a few drinks to make the dinner complete. However, you must take note that not all drinks go with all kinds of food. You have to know which alcoholic beverages would go with which dishes. Here are some combos to give you an idea.

Red Wine with Red Meat

They say that the perfect pair for red meat would be red wine– and it definitely is! When you eat red meat like lamb chops or beef steak, you should always have a glass of red wine right after. The taste of the red wine goes very much hand in hand with the taste of the red meat and makes it more delicious. So you must remember that when you order a beef steak, it’ll be really delicious to add a small glass of red wine to your meal.

Beer and Fried Foods

Beer pretty much goes with almost any dish but if you want to be very specific, then you’d know that beer would go with fried foods. French fries, battered fish, and other types of fried foods would go so well with beer. The oiliness of the dish goes hand in hand with the bitter taste of beer. If you are a fan of beer, then you’d best eat some oily and fried foods along with a bottle of Heineken.

Pork Spareribs and Scotch

If you are a fan of scotch or whiskey, then the dish that goes really well with that alcoholic beverage would be pork spareribs. Spareribs, with its strong taste, would match really well with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label or a bottle of Chivas Regal. So the next time that you order a plate of spareribs, also don’t forget to order a glass of scotch on the rocks to match your meal.

Smoked Meat and Vodka

Lastly, we’ve got smoked meat and vodka. Now, vodka would go with any type of smoked meat whether it would be smoked fish, smoked beef, or smoked chicken. Anything grilled or smoked would definitely go well with a glass of vodka on the rocks or a shot of vodka. The blend of the subtle taste of vodka and the flavorful experience of smoked meat would end up in a really good combination for the palette. So whenever you order a smoked meat dish, it’ll add to the taste if you order a small shot of Smirnoff vodka or even just a glass on the rocks.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the combinations that you can try out if you are a foodie. Always remember that not all alcoholic drinks would go with all dishes. You have to know which alcoholic beverage would go with which dish so that you’ll be able to get the full meal that you like. Follow some of the tips that were mentioned above so that you’ll get an idea of which drinks would go well with which dish with regard to taste and flavor. The combination will definitely be worth the effort.



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