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For couples who are planning their wedding, one of the most important decisions to make is what food and wine to serve at the wedding reception. There are several popular items to serve at a wedding reception. Here are some examples.

Wedding ReceptionSalmon is a Favorite Choice

One of the most popular dishes to serve at a wedding reception is salmon. Salmon is a healthful meal that is also very appealing to the eye. It is often served with asparagus to make the dish all the more nutritious. It is a light dish that many guests will enjoy. Couples who are getting married in the spring or summertime often choose salmon as a delicious treat to serve to their guests.

Shrimp is a Delightful Option

Another popular option is shrimp. For instance, many couples decide on a meal of Shrimp Fra Diavolo with polenta. This meal includes cayenne pepper which gives it an extra spicy kick for guests to savor. It helps that many people are fond of shrimp and this is just one version of a meal that features a delicious helping of shrimp. Many people decide on whether to have shrimp or another type of entree after they choose the venue for their reception. Sometimes the managers of a venue will help with those types of decisions. One example of a venue is L.A. Banquets.

White Wine

If a couple does decide to serve fish as the entree at their wedding reception, there are certain wines that go well with that choice. White wine is always a good choice when it comes to serving fish for dinner. Chardonnay is a popular option with many couples. Of course, if a couple chooses white wine it’s important to estimate how many bottles will be needed to serve all of the guests.

Red Wine

Red wine is usually served with entrees that feature some type of meat whether it is steak or chicken. Cabernet Sauvignon is one example of a red wine that is a favorite with many people. It helps to make the meal all the enjoyable.

Finally, most couples choose to have a set of special glasses if they plan to have a champagne toast at their wedding reception. A set of glasses reserved for a toast to the newly married couple will make the gesture all the more significant for everyone.


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