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Whiskey means the life’s water! Today, the manufacturers of this distilled alcohol beverage, whiskey, has successfully retain the same classic taste and hence, a reason, why it is a part of almost every celebration and a top selling product of all times! Produced with fermented grain mash, a number of grains are needed for the different varieties that may include rye, wheat, barley corn and buckwheat. Quite interestingly, whiskey is aged in the wooden casks for some years .Because of its grain content, numerous mothers in Europe and US prefer feeding their offspring with whiskey, rather milk and water.

Generally speaking, whiskies do not tend to mature in its bottle, but in cask, so the actual age is calculated by the time in between the distillation and bottling process. This basically reflects to what amount the cask interacted with whisky, changing the whiskey’s taste and chemical makeup. Such whiskies that are aged long are considered tasty and comparatively have a higher price.


Kinds of whiskey:

In todays market, the factor which differentiate the type of whiskey is dependable upon the kind of grain which is used in some specific mixture.

SCOTCH WHISKEY: Such drinks are aged for a period of three years at least and are generally distilled twice.

IRISH WHISKEY: Such a kind of whiskey is distilled at least thrice plus aged about four years in the oak casts prior considered ‘drinkable’ and hence the top selling whiskeys of all time.

AMERICAN STRAIGHT WHISKEY: Mash bill that contain around 51% or else anything fewer than 80% of single grain are required for such drinks. However, aging process should be done in the new barrels that are produce from the American white oak, charred before to use.

MALT WHISKEY: such whiskeys are produce from entirely malted barley; you can say 100% and nothing besides. However the single-malt is completely produced with a single distillery and certainly the top most expensive kind of whiskey available in the present market. Factor that distinguishes Malt Whiskey is its genuine one-distillery production from the other malted ones and is the root cause of it being the top selling whiskey in the market.

PURE POT STILL WHISKEY: this is a type of Irish whiskey; it is actually produced through combining the unmalted and malted barley.

BLENDED WHISKEY: this particular term is used in order to described the whiskies of some different types which are actually blended together plus contains neutral spirits as well as straight whiskey, the production process of such allows distilleries in order to preserve a particular consistent flavor plus mellower than the whiskeys that are single-malt.


Lets have a quick look to the important geographical location of the production of whiskey in History.

SCOTLAND: ninety percent of whiskeys produced in this country are the blended whiskey. Though, the entire kinds of whiskeys are produced in this country, but the kind which is adored by the respective country’s locals is the single-malt scotches. People of Scotland, tend to spell and call whiskey without the addition of the alphabet e, as whisky. Some popular Scottish brands are CHIVAS, GLENMORANGIE, GLENLIVET AND REGAL.


The whiskeys in US come in straight and blended form both. Every kind possess some rules and regulations and above all, unique tastes.

Bourbon: generally recognized as the Kentucky’s drink. It is prepared from corn around 70%, remaining ingredients are malted barely, wheat or rye. Majority bourbons tend to be age around four years.

Tennessee whiskey: it is somewhat identical to bourbon in its composition, at least around 51% is maze based, it is aged in the new barrels, at least around 4 years.

Corn Whiskey: The top corniest one and is actually composed of around 80 percent of maize.

Moonshine: is produced when the sugar is actually fermented in yeast, and hence ethanol produced. In the following process, alcohol is separated by means of distillation.

IRELAND: whiskeys of Ireland are best known for their flavorful taste and extra smoothness. Reason is apparent; the aging process for such whiskey are at least 4 years and hence the reason it is the top selling and most demanded by customers. Some famous brands are Tullamore Dew and Connemara.


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