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The idea of a dinner party is quite old fashioned, but it hasn’t stopped more and more people jumping on the trend and inviting their nearest and dearest over for a home cooked feast. It seems however that one of the most important aspects of a dinner party is ensuring that the wine and food match harmoniously.

This isn’t always as easy as it sounds. In fact if you get it wrong, it can turn the whole party into a disaster! So before you begin to even think about whom to invite, why not take some time looking at what food recipes you’re capable of cooking. That way, you can look into which wines would help compliment your dishes and get your guests taste buds buzzing!

Choosing The Wine

This may seem like a backwards approach to dinner hosting, but if you want to show off a beautiful bottle of wine it’s best to choose it first. You can then match your food to the wine afterwards. A great summery option, or a nice break from red wine in the winter is a refreshing rose. Sancerre rose is a brilliant choice for dinner parties throughout the year as it brings warming memories of summer, and its subtle sweetness makes it an ideal wine for food matching.

A Sweet But Revitalising Rose

Sancerre rose is a beautiful salmon pink in colour, which sparkles when poured into a glass. On the nose, Sancerre rose has inviting aromas of wild red berries, hints of pear and vibrant tangerine. All these fruity flavours give the wine its delightful sweetness. Sancerre rose does have some bite; it has leafy edge flavours infused with the fruity nose, which makes it so perfect for pairing with food.

Time To Think About Food

Once you know which wine you want to serve your guests, it’s time to research recipes! Depending on which wine you’ve chosen will dictate which foods you can serve. For example, white wines go best with seafood dishes as the light wine flavours refreshingly enhance the citrusy fish flavours. Whereas red wines are a match made in heaven for hearty, lean meats. Lamb shank, casseroles and roast dinners are calling out for a warming, full bodied red to wash down with.

For pairing the Sancerre rose, think about bringing sharper flavours to the wines subtle sweetness in the form of seafood dishes with lemon or other citrusy nuances. Like white wines, seafood is always a wonderful pairing with rose as they enhance each other’s fresh, fruity flavours. Fish, muscles or a seafood medley would work perfectly with Sancerre rose, as would tomato based dishes or something with spice, to enhance the fruity flavours of the wine.

Try deciding which wine and food pairings would work best for you and your guests, and give them a try! Nothing works quite as well as experimenting for yourself and seeing which works well, and what perhaps doesn’t work as well. Don’t forget to keep a log of all the types of wines and food you try, so you know which ones to use again and which ones to forget forever.

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