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Most people today believe that exercise is everything. Well, there is some truths to that statement, however, most people are at a stage in their life where they are unable to do the fast-paced exercise that most gen X and beyond are currently doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that just because you were born in a different generation, you are unfit and won’t be able to “keep up”.

However, the fact still remains, that the older you get the slower your metabolism gets. Now once again I am not ignoring the countless cases of obesity in children which is contributed to an almost constant diet of oily fast food diets and large absences in activity due to the technology that they have access to at an eerily age.

Beside the point, key facts still remain, and these key facts or points can directly be related to ones,

  • Age
  • Body type

What does age have to do with my health?

As I mentioned before age is a very important factor when it comes to your overall health. When you start to age over a certain age (the age differs depending on the person) your body will start to shut down and slowly your body will begin to die.

Now, this is an important fact that most people refuse to believe, it is why some people choose to sell their bodies to cryogen companies with the hope that these companies will help them come back to life when the technology is available.

Even if it was possible to do so, the facts still remain the same, when you get older your body starts to slow down.

This is where it become extremely important to understand that exercises and the correct diet are two of essential factors that will help you stay alive longer.

What can you do?

Well depending on what chronic or life threating illness you have or will get you need to start to orientate your life prevent any of those illnesses. Even if you do have any type of illness like Diabetes, it is important to have the correct diet and exercise to combat that illness.

One of the most important rules to remember is that if you have an extremely active lifestyle you will need to eat more but, you will have to have a correctly balanced meal/s to keep your body fuelled correctly.

If you are less active you will need to decrease the portion sizes you eat, it is also vital that you Use natural and organic vegetables and meats.

Why should you decrease your Servings?

If you are less active than let’s say Usain Bolt, then does it make sense that you that you eat the same diet that he does, the reason behind this is that Usain Bolt’s diet is based on the amount of exercise that he does, which means that it consist of a lot of calories, which with your amount of exercise that you would be doing will instead have a negative effect on your body. Balance is key and your diet is a big part of getting the balance correct.


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